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affair of sorts this year. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh and ravens head coach, john harbaugh will hold a news conference the friday before the big battle. >> this morning, their parents, jackie and jack and their sister had a press conference of their own. they did it on the phone. it was good fun. we have bob redell with more on this morning's harbaugh family variety show. >> reporter: a variety show with a twist. it had this reporter cringing. us reporters asking the parents how do you feel about having your boys battle it out on the gridiron in the super bowl? questions like that. when all of a sudden, someone threw this zinger out. >> is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> do not -- what's up, john? >> is that john harbaugh? >> hey, john. >> that was me. >> mom was ready to come right through this phone. i'm so happy that joanie recognized your voice. >> that was ravens head coach john harbaugh prank calling his mom and sister. he sent his love before hanging up before the practice. that game will be historic. the first time two brothers will coach against each o
to that sunday. they're afraid it will be a superheadache. they're hoping that the 49ders lose to the ravens. >> i don't want them to win because the last time the -- >> reporter: giants. >> -- giants win, they paint all over the store. so we spend a lot of money to repaint it again. >> reporter: she's referring to the $300 her drugstore to spend to remove the paint that vandals poured over the windows and walls. you might recall vandals graffitied and broke the windows of several businesses. they set bonfires and set a muni bus on fire. they plan to meet with the mom and pop shops to address concerns they might have about a possible 49ers super bowl victory. he suggested that bars serve alcohol responsibly when it comes to hard liquor. he's not suggesting there is a ban. he backtracked on that statement after it came out yesterday. plea say they will increase the number of officer on patrol, by how much they couldn't say but as much as double or triple the regular staffing. >> the police department will vigorously investigate these type thes of crimes. we did make arrest in those kays of pe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2